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  • Our Story

    Bringing the fun back to Christmas music for a great cause

    The Inspiration

    A family dream for many years due to the decline of the traditional Christmas song. A significant birthday gave renewed focus and an idea was born.

    The Cause

    Everyone has been touched by cancer in some way. We wanted to make a real impact and commit 100% of any donations/sales profit raised to a great cause.

    The Song

    We had an absolute blast producing a professional quality recording jam packed with Christmas fun. You'll be humming it to yourself in no time.

  • The Just Crackers Cast

    Terry Reeve, Jeanette Reeve, Phil Hamilton, Carly Hamilton, Emily Foulkes, Jenny Wood, Dave Wood, George House, Sandra House, Poppy Hamilton, Lottie Hamilton, Ainsley Grant, Andrew Grant, Allan Michie, Daisy Grant, Jack Grant, Harriet Grant, Ian Manson, Sam Evans

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